Sunday, October 26, 2014



        In this Essay I am going to explain the differences and the similarities of two cultures, Shang China and Sumer. Also I am going to explain the living system of this two cultures.

        First, the differences, lets start with religion. Sumer culture is based on christians and Shang China believed in Shang ti. Now we have environment Sumer environment was desert while Shang China was based on rivers. Therefore the culture in Sumer was planting; barly, grapes, olives and beans. While in Shang China they only planted rice. Although the Economy of sumer was based on Agriculture and Shang China was based on clothing. And last but not least the social status in Sumer is: Priests, monarchs, houses,women and slaves. And in Shang China: King, soldiers and women.

          Now, the similarities. In the Intellectual they both used the writing system and also the decimal system. And finally Political, the priests and the kings were the ones who ruled in the entire kingdom.

Finally, I learned not only the history of this culture, ive learned all about it.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


1. My expectations are to have a lot of fun and do a lot of activities to learn and to have alot of fun. 

2. I want to have alot of phisical activities so we can move and get alot of fresh air. 

3. Depends on what activities are we doing but yes, I would expect alot of teamwork.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

blog post

1. I live near the park 93 also near by the Sinagoga also i live about 15 minutes away from school also its a really nice neighborhood with a lot of security because a Coronel leaves near by.

2. Bogota is located in Cundinamarca located in Colombia, here in Colombia depends in what part you live in mostly is hot, but if you live in Bogota or in Medellin is going to be cold and also very rainy.

3. I think Colombia has a really related agriculture system with Peru because we recollect almost the same plants, fruits and vegetables and also we take very good care about our ecosystem.

4. Almost any migration doesn't affect us depends on what or who is migrating and i don't think it is going to affect us.

5. I think Colombia has changed in a really positive way and has encouraged people to do the same and step by step people are changing a lot with the voices of others.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Warm up

I think the likes that I have about blogger are, the use of the auto correction  and the dislikes are that it doesn't really have good internet conection and that it doesnt save well. And my improvements would be to save the content automaticly.