Monday, January 26, 2015

religion cooperation and conflict

I think that religion cooperation and conflict depends all on the religion because there some religions that take conflict much more serious than others. However it is not necessary to use violence against other religion, it is the best way to use your words and not your actions.

#2 SS religion reflection

First of all I think this Socratic seminar got very improved compared to the last one. I think our discussion was very good because we implemented all the ideas and questions that we had, that lead to making the Seminar more interesting and easier to talk through.

Code of honor reflect

I think the code of honor of our school is very explicit and very detailed, It says, do on to others as you want them to do on to you I personally think that it is a very good honor code rule because it would show how the school represents it self.

first Socratic Seminar Reflection

My reflection in this first seminar is that It when very good and we disscused with out shouting or even raising our voice, however I think we need to improve  on getting more focused on the items that we are discussing.